The Ripple: Virtual Networking. Real Connections. – May 28 @ 12PM ET

The Ripple will be hosting Virtual Networking Event on Thursday, May 28th from 12PM to 2PM ET.

Event Description:


Join the largest online networking event for the TransAtlantic business community!

The Ripple is a one-of-a-kind initiative by the transatlantic business community to tackle the growing demand for meaningful online connectivity. The future of virtual networking is here! We know (y)our network is (y)our competitive advantage so our goal is to create 1,000+ new connections amongst our shared communities and launch a ripple of new opportunities!


Here is how it works:

After registration, you will receive an invitation from Conversation Starter to create your profile. You will be asked to highlight your expertise (#offer) or share requests (#ask) for collaboration, as well as flag topics that you would like to connect on.


In the days leading up to the event, participants can browse profiles in pursuit of valuable connections that fit their #ask and send invitations for 12-minute video calls. If the interest is mutual the tool will, through a smart scheduling feature, manage both participants calls’ schedule. Meeting invites can be sent or accepted with a simple click!


You’ll connect with your new contacts in the tool -nothing to install- for the duration of the event, enabling up to 12 meetings. When receiving more than 12 matches, participants can exchange e-mail addresses in order to connect at a later date.


Audience: Transatlantic business owners, leaders and founders

Timing: 12-2.30 pm ET

Location: Online

Registration: Free for PUSCC members!

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