Our Mission

Founded in 1979 to stimulate economic development, trade, investment and cultural exchange between Portugal and the United States, the PUSCC collaborates with other institutions to provide vast economic opportunities to its members, exploring investing in Portugal or in the US for Portuguese companies seeking to penetrate the American market. Members can network with individuals engaged in Portugal-US affairs as well as utilize existing channels to obtain essential bilateral support and information.


Since its inception, the PUSCC brought together individuals and companies wanting to discuss and promote their interests ; fostered a community by planning events that capture and capitalize on the expertise and diversity of its members.


The PUSCC offers ongoing opportunities for individuals and firms involved in Portuguese-US relations, trade and commerce to meet and network.

  • Introduces members to civic leaders, government representatives and influential decision-makers in the Portuguese and US business communities

  • Identifies and counsels on partnership and joint ventures for Portuguese and US corporations

  • Arranges private meetings between US and Portuguese executives to discuss business and investment issues of mutual interest

  • Collaborates with the Portugal Trade office (AICEP) to sponsor the annual Economic Forum
  • Sponsors regular networking gatherings and events – including the Annual Gala; cocktail hours and a series of panel discussions

  • Partners with the Council of the US-EC Chambers of Commerce to foster networking and connections within the European Community in the US.
  • Affiliated with numerous organizations in both countries to provide better resources to its members.

Business Development

An active participant in both the Portuguese and US marketplaces, the PUSCC facilitates connections and assists its members with referrals to meet their business needs. PUSCC also  makes hundreds of business referrals each year, both from its members and from outside the organization.

Check out the “Business & Economics” on AICEP Portugal Global

Information Exchange

Timely information is of the essence when positioning a business and investments for the future. The PUSCC in partnership with AICEP Portugal Global can assist Members seeking information on a wide range of trade issues.

The PUSCC sponsors seminars and conferences on key topics relevant to our Members . Additionally, frequent events feature the Portuguese Minister of Finance, the Minister of Economic Affairs, or other government dignitaries to address pertinent developments in economics, trade, finance, education, or cultural affairs.

Management Team

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