Thank You José Manuel Coelho

The Portugal US Chamber of Commerce thanks Jose Manuel Coelho for his long-standing commitment and support of the Chamber.

Mr Coelho, became a member of the PUSCC board mid-March 2003 when he arrived in the US to take the helm of TAP Portugal as General Manager, North America. Mr Coelho took his membership and being a board member very seriously. Throughout the years, Mr Coelho provided his support to the Chamber not only through sponsorships but also with his ideas, suggestions and advice. His contributions added invaluable expertise to the chamber and its growth.

Mr Coelho started at TAP Portugal in April 1971 and lived in Canada, Greece, Italy, Brazil and Argentina (twice during his tenure) prior to taking the reigns in the US. Mr Coelho recently retired and has returned to Portugal.

He holds a degree in Marketing and Transportation from McGill University, Canada.