Press Release from Minister of Economy: meeting with investors promoted by the Portugal-US Chamber of Commerce

Minister of the Economy speaks about business opportunities to investors in New York

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, offer a session in New York about investment opportunities in Portugal to an audience of about 40 businesspeople. The executive meeting was promoted by the Portugal-US Chamber of Commerce, in New York.

At the Harvard Club, the Minister explained the numerous opportunities that Portugal presents in order to continue receiving international investment in a context of economic growth, reduction of private and corporate indebtedness, balance of public accounts, and convergence with the European Union.

The path the country is taking to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, support for the requalification of companies for environmentally sustainable solutions and decisions in the circular economy were all arguments to ensure that challenges like climate change can be, in Portugal, North-American investment opportunities.

The quality and the qualification of national human resources, coupled with innovation, have also been advantages to attract more and more companies, adding pages of success in their activity.

Through the XXI Government’s program, Portugal has intensified and leveraged investment support throughout its territory, including low-density ones, and ensuring that the enhancement of the Interior in all its aspects has been a priority.

After all the difficulties it has endured, the positive changes came to stay in Portugal, and trust was the message that Pedro Siza Vieira left in New York today to investors and businesspeople mainly in the areas of energy, transport, construction, technology and infrastructure.

The Portugal-US Chamber of Commerce in New York was founded in 1979 to stimulate economic development, trade, investment, and cultural exchange between the United States and Portugal. As a member of the Association of Portuguese Chambers of Commerce (APACC), it works closely with its counterparts in Portugal, Canada and the United States to promote common interests in Portugal and expose the country’s attractive investment opportunities.

Paula Lagarto
Press Officer