New Opportunities for the American and Portuguese Youth, to train and study

New opportunities for the American and Portuguese Youth, to train, study in both countries, as part of a new Program created.

On February 11th 2019, it was signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Portugal and the United States regarding a Twelve Month Pilot Program to Build Intercultural Skills and Participate in training at Innovative Organizations.

This MoU establishes a regulatory framework that creates, for the youth of both countries, opportunities to travel, study, and train in the United States and Portugal.

The program creates 400 openings for training and study in private sector American organizations that participate in the Exchange Visitor Program, and to which young Portuguese may apply. The participant will benefit, in the United States, from internship and education opportunities in diverse areas with a maximum duration of 12 months.

Simultaneously, Portugal will offer to American university students or recent graduates the
possibility of, during 12 months, the ability to travel, study and train in the country.