In 2016 Lisbon fired-up its startup engines — 2017 will hear them roar

In the first of a new series focusing on city eco-systems, TechCrunch Editor-at-large Mike Butcher gets under the skin of one of Europe’s hottest startup cities.

"During the last financial crisis Portugal was one of the hardest hit countries in Europe. After a long post-war dictatorship until the 1970s, and a slow economic emergence during the 80s and 1990s, the 2008 global recession was a body blow to the country, alongside Italy, Greece and Spain. But then something unusual happened. Like a welter-weight boxer, it started to use its small size in its favour, punching above its weight in a counter-attack led largely by its young people. They realised that they would have to use entrepreneurship as an engine to create their own future, if they were to survive. Inside cafes and the Fado bars, laden with ancient Portuguese tiles, they looked to the Web. And made their plans."